Dear Members,

We thank those who tried to submit their votes, and apologize for the technical problems. We resolved them, so please submit your preferences.

There has been much talk of what we as a Working Group accomplished or did not accomplish, in these past years of our existence. Our former consultant at the UNOOSA Office in Bonn supporting the UNGIWG Secretariat at that time, Michele Kasdano, was given the very difficult task therefore to compile all the actions, recommendations, decisions we have agreed to in these nearly 10 years and nine plenary meetings since we first met. She has carefully read through all the meeting reports, and compiled an excellent, detailed and somewhat heavy list as a result.

A subset of most relevant actions from that list are listed here for your votes, to help us establish priorities and some direction for the Working Group for the next year and years.

Tell us your priorities for actions within UNGIWG in checking the according radio button (1 - very low / 2 - low / 3 - average / 4 - high / 5 - very high).

The pages refer to the according UNGIWG Plenary Meeting reports that can be downloaded here.


Thank you for taking time for this important task!